David Hatt: Works to Date

Organ Book One (1976-1988)
   Chorale Prelude on Nun danket alle Gott
   2 Variations on a Theme of Zappa
   Geology Study (with B-flat clarinet)
   Piece for Organ or Fender Rhodes
   Courtship Argument
   Until Jim's Spirit Departs (with chime unit)
   Chorale Prelude on Veni, Emmanuel
   Study (for piano or organ)
   Second Piece (with B-flat clarinet)
   Short Piece
   Fantasy on Ein Kind gebor'n (with B-flat trumpet)
   Structural Failure
   Out of Luck (with solo voice or instrument)
Three Pieces (1991)
   Variations on Song 46 of Orlando Gibbons (revised 1999)
   Marina (Chaconne)
   Chorale Prelude on Jauchzet alle Lände (Rendez à Dieu)
Organ Book Three (1995)
   Variations on St. Bride
   Chorale Prelude on Ad perennis
   a meandering, Sancte Dei Pretiose
   Chorale Prelude on Weymouth
   Prelude, G-flat
A brief meditation on NANNEY (1992)
A modern arrangement of Stille Nacht (1992)
Chorale Prelude on Intercessor (1993)
Canons and Variations on a Theme of G. O'Connor Morris (1997)
Variations on ALEX JACKSON (1998)
Pedalexercitum on The Star-Spangled Banner (1999)
Not Again (2000)
Variations on Down Ampney (1997/2000)


Dime Study (for prepared piano) (1976/1988)
nor taste the summertime (1977)
Study for piano or organ (1986)
The Continuous Life (1992) (also in a version for piano and tape)
Ballet Music (1992)
Onyx, a Tripartita for two pianos (1992)
Expanding/contracting interval study (1995)
Reflection, in memoriam Barney Childs (2000) (piano or carillon)
Transcription: There is no Rose of such vertu (1960) by Barney Childs


A plaid remedy (1977)
Steaming, a text piece for harpsichord interior (1976)


Three Pieces (1976-1991)
   Second Piece
   Ray's Delight
Reflection, in memoriam Barney Childs (2000) (carillon or piano)

Choral and Vocal

Out of Luck, on a text by Abraham ibn-Ezra (1975) (solo voice or instrument/organ)
Two Latin Songs (1993) (soprano and piano [also in versions for SATB/vibes/piano, violin/viola, and organ/piano])
E is for Extinct, on a text by I.E. Skin (1993) (SATB/piano)
The Rev. T.W. Webb's Description of Antares (1996) (SATB/fl/piano)
Variants on Ut queant laxis (1998) (baritone/flute/organ)

Keyboard and Instruments

Piece for Harmonium and Organ (1979/1989)
Piece for Piano and Vibraphone (1980/1989)
Serenade (1992) (vibraphone/piano)
Reflection: Kila, Montana (1993) (B-flat trumpet and organ)
Olnes Pond, Alaska (1997) (any two instruments)
Miniature (1998) (alto flute, bass clarinet, and organ)
Gegenschein (1998) (viola and organ or piano)

Solo and Chamber Music

From Procyon (1977/1995) (solo clarinet)
Household Trios (1977)
   January 9 (2 clar/bass clar/vc/piano)
   January 11 (fl/2 clar/recorder/vc/piano)
   January 27 (2 fl/2 clar/recorder/vc/piano)
an unrepentant Household Trio (1977/1991) (vibes/bass clar/keyboard)
Four new wave songs (1980) (piano/synthesizer/bass/vocal)
Reaganomicsuite (1982) (improvisation ensemble)
Micropiece (1988/1996) (fl/clar/vc/vibes/or guitar with optional violin)

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